T9D #01: Your DeFi money making machine

3 dead-simple steps to optimize your Twitter presence for DeFi success.

Hello 👋 - Ross here.

Happy Wednesday morning to 566 DeFi writers and investors.

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In today's issue, I'm going to share a critical foundation for DeFi writers and investors: optimizing your Twitter presence.

You might be asking "Is Twitter really that important to my success in DeFi?".

It's where I've connected with projects for my most lucrative writing opportunities.

It's also where I've kept up-to-date as a DeFi investor for the past 18 months.

The answer is a resounding yes.

The problem is, most people overlook the importance of Twitter and think they've got it all figured out on their own.

Here are 3 dead-simple steps to optimize your Twitter presence for DeFi success.

Do you struggle with any of these?

When I talk to web3 writers and investors, they often mention 1 of 3 major Twitter challenges:

  • "How do I improve my profile?"

  • "What do I even post about?"

  • "So. Many. Threads. How do I keep up?"

If any of these sound familiar, read on. I'm going to tackle them step-by-step.

Step 1: Build a stand-out Twitter profile

If your profile isn't optimized, every visit becomes a wasted opportunity.

This step is quick. A polished profile goes a long way. Focus on:

  1. A clear bio. Not clever, clear.

  2. A quality profile photo and banner

  3. A link or mention that directs people

Justin Welsh illustrates this well:

  • His bio states what he does and what he offers to followers.

  • His photo is professional. His banner draws eyes to a business offering.

  • From his profile, Justin directs visitors to his website and newsletter.

Be intentional with your profile - it WILL result in opportunities.

Step 2: Tweet about the things you know

Everyone thinks they need to tweet something that nobody else is saying.

In truth, tweeting is as easy as:

  • Writing what you wish you'd known earlier in your journey

  • Offering your perspective on a recent DeFi event

  • Sharing an easy-to-read summary of a crypto concept

We all have something valuable to say. Most of it falls into my TRAM framework:

  • Teach - content that educates

  • Relate - content that empathizes

  • Amuse - content that entertains

  • Motivate - content that inspires

Find which style(s) is most authentic to you, and write consistently.

As a writer or investor, sharing in public will connect you to the right people.

A few months ago, I wrote a thread about what I'd learned since leaping into DeFi full-time:

The thread received 250,000+ impressions and over 50 DMs. The resulting writing opportunities have made me thousands of dollars.

You'll eventually strike gold, and learn a tremendous amount in the process.

Step 3: Block out all the noise on Twitter

A well-crafted Twitter feed can teach you more than any 4-year degree.

But we too often over-consume threads and leave Twitter with a scattered mind.


  • Follow 10 people in a position you want to be in

  • Unfollow people after 5-10 valueless tweets

  • Use the free browser extension Twemex to hide Twitter's sidebar:

I also recommend setting limits on your Twitter consumption. Make it a place for learning and sharing, not a vehicle for distraction.

These are the exact steps I've followed to build a career in DeFi writing & investing. These 3 have also provided me with several long-term crypto partnerships.

My #1 piece of advice: Get started today.

That's all for this week. 3 steps to optimize your Twitter presence.

See you next week.

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