The DeFi Doozy made an irreversible decision

This week, I'm announcing a newsletter transformation. Don't miss it!

Hello šŸ‘‹ - Ross here.

Happy Sunday to 503 DeFi lovers.

I'm stoked to announce a transformation of The DeFi Doozy.

It'll only take 3 minutes.


I've received a lot of feedback in my few months of writing The DeFi Doozy.

It's come through surveys, DMs, email responses, conversations with peers, etc.

I've learned from it and decided to make a big change:

The DeFi Doozy is transforming into a newsletter called The 9 to DeFi.

I'll be sharing 1 weekly insight to help DeFi writers and investors quit their 9-5.

2 reasons why:

  1. I want to offer a non-saturated newsletter on a topic I'm passionate about. I love DeFi investing, but everyone is writing about strategies. I'm even more passionate about leveraging my experience to help others (both writers and investors) monetize their efforts in web3.

  2. I want a newsletter for DeFi investors and writers. This way, I can still providenvestment alpha, but also share monetization tips for those of you who write in the space. It'll all be under the umbrella of helping people make money and transition to full-time opportunities in Crypto/DeFi/Web3.

What to expect:

For those of you who are solely investors - expect DeFi strategies, opportunities, and resources to continue coming your way. Hopefully, I'll even encourage some of you to start sharing your thoughts on paper.

For those of you who are writers - expect high-signal tips on how I've built a career in DeFi. All the things you should be doing to make more money in the space. I'll also be providing investing insights to get you more involved on that side of things.

I'm really excited about this transition - I hope you are as well.

If this no longer aligns with what you're hoping for in a newsletter, I ask that you give me a couple of weeks to prove you wrong. If you're still not satisfied, feel free to unsubscribe. You won't hurt my feelings.

Goodbye to The DeFi Doozy, and Hello to The 9 to DeFi!

If you're excited about the news, I'd love you to share it with one person you think would benefit.

See you next week for a fresh start!