T9D #02: 4 Steps to $1,000 as a DeFi Writer

The 4 things I did to make my first $1,000 as a DeFi writer

Hello 👋 - Ross here.

Happy Wednesday morning to 731 DeFi writers and investors.

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This week, I'm going to share my 4-step process for earning $1,000 as a writer in the web3 space.

If you're able to master the $1,000 formula, multiplying your earnings becomes much easier. It's a system for creating a steady flow of work.

Unfortunately, most people don't know where to focus their effort.

Which of these do you relate to?

Here are the writing struggles I've heard from others (and wrestled with myself):

  • Finding a niche

  • Getting attention in that niche

  • Building a digital resume

  • Securing writing gigs

I found success by focusing on these areas. They're the 4 steps I'm going to walk through today.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Choose an abundant niche

With little experience, you're unlikely to land the big, broad jobs. You're also unlikely to receive much attention on your Twitter content if you don't start specific.

In web3, there are SO many niches to choose from. Here's a non-exhaustive list of high-level categories:

  • Blockchain technology

  • DeFi and GameFi

  • NFTs and SocialFi

  • DAOs and Governance

And within DeFi, here are several to pick from:

  • On-chain lending and borrowing

  • Tokenized assets, derivatives, perpetuals, etc.

  • Decentralized exchanges/AMM technology

  • Protocol tokenomics

  • Stablecoin mechanics

The list goes on - you get the point.

There are 3 final things I'll say about choosing a niche:

  • You will NOT be stuck in a niche once you pick it. Just start somewhere (I began writing about passive income projects - yuck).

  • Choose a niche that you're excited about and is abundant enough for daily content.

  • Clients/projects want to see you're capable of writing about a complex topic. Don't overthink the decision.

Step 2: Write about the niche

This one is simple, but few people have the patience to execute.

If you produce quality daily content in a web3 niche, you WILL see results.

Nearly 100% of my network/opportunities have come organically from Twitter.

It's hard to believe, but it's the truth. Writing about your niche will also give you hours of research and writing experience. There's no replacement for it.

You'll become a better writer and grow your network simultaneously. I recommend:

  • 1-2 tweets per day within your niche

  • 1-2 threads per week with more involved content

  • 100-200 meaningful comments per month on accounts you look up to

It's not rocket science. Be consistent. And the best part?

You'll already be crafting a portfolio...

Step 3: Build a focused portfolio

A stand-out portfolio will keep you drowning in work. No doubt about it.

But most people don't take the time to put together a kick-ass portfolio.

Ditch the "DeFi 101" and "What is Blockchain" articles. Show prospective clients what you've written in your niche, but make it clear you have a diverse skillset.

Choose 3-5 pieces that best reflect your experience and capability as a writer.

They'll speak for themselves.

Step 4: Sending and responding to DMs

Perfecting a DM is not easy. In as few words as possible, you want to convey:

  • Who you are

  • What you've done

  • How you can help them

  • Why you're the obvious choice

Within each part, be contextual and quantitative. Understand what they're needing, and show them you're the right person.

If you've been patient with steps 1-3, you'll be the one receiving DMs.

If you're reaching out cold, the game becomes more difficult - but not impossible.

Last thing about securing a gig - make your DMs easy to respond to by ending with a frictionless question.

"Are you available tomorrow between 12-3pm ET to discuss?"

Once they respond, you've won half the battle. Now follow through.

The first $1,000 is indescribably exciting.

Following these 4 steps will put you on a path to your first (or fifteenth) $1,000 as a writer in web3.

Once you've earned that, the journey has just begun...


  1. Choose a growing niche

  2. Write content in that niche

  3. Build a high-signal portfolio

  4. Optimize cold outreach/DMs

That's all for today! 4 steps to your first $1,000 as a DeFi writer.

See you next week.

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