T9D #03: 5 Tools for Every Web3 Creator

5 tools for growth and monetization as a crypto-native creator.

Hello 👋 - Ross here.

Happy Thursday morning to 745 DeFi writers and investors.

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In today's newsletter, I'm going to share 5 digital tools that've amplified my productivity as a web3 creator.

These tools have allowed me to balance client services, a personal brand, and my DeFi investment strategies. They've enabled me to build systems around my daily efforts. They've been essential to scaling as a web3 creator.

But truthfully, 90% of early-stage creators don't capitalize on the power of digital tools.

The reason why?

There's an overwhelming number of online tools available to us.

On top of that:

  • Most tools don't actually benefit your daily process

  • Many creators don't know how to prioritize their time

  • A lot of tools are overpriced for the value they provide

  • Some tools ARE worth paying for - but they're tough to identify

Thankfully, I've been testing creator tools for almost a year as a digital entrepreneur.

Here are 5 of the best for every web3 creator:

1/ Notion

I'd be foolish not to start with Notion. It's my hub for everything from content creation to client strategies.

In the screen grab, you'll see my favorites highlighted in green on the left. Within each, I've built out additional layers to keep my efforts systematized.

I even planned this newsletter in Notion!

Notion is extremely customizable and integrates almost any app. You can build a full website out of it:


Notion is also free! If you're just getting started, use it to organize:

  • Content efforts on Twitter/Medium

  • Work-related tasks in a list or board

  • Personal life plans (travel, scheduling, etc.)

2/ Token Terminal

Balancing your efforts as a creator and researcher in web3 is tough.

The space moves fast, and it's critical you maintain a handle on the latest crypto metrics.

Token Terminal is a phenomenal resource for this:

Their free dashboards show you metrics like protocol revenue, P/E ratio, and overviews of the lending/exchanging/DeFi markets.

When you're creating content on a daily basis, it's easy to get disconnected from what's happening on-chain. I'm certainly guilty of this from time to time!

Token Terminal helps me keep up-to-date on these trends in under 30 minutes/week.

3/ Canva

First impressions are huge. Graphics make a big difference.

Unfortunately, I'm not artistically gifted. Canva offers basic graphic tools and templates for people like me.

I use Canva for:

  • Headshot edits

  • Social media banners

  • Newsletter graphics

  • Basic client needs

  • Brainstorming logos

  • + more.

Their free version is great, and you can try out premium for 30 days to unlock additional functionality.

If you're a talented graphic artist, Canva is probably underwhelming. But for me, it provides the perfect amount of assistance to get a graphic whipped up.

4/ Bonsai

If you plan to provide a service to clients, Bonsai is the hub for:

  • Gig proposals/contracts/invoices

  • Cash and tax tracking

  • Client management

  • Accounting efforts

  • + more.

I don't use Bonsai to its full potential, but the options are there.

You could always build this functionality into Notion, but Bonsai is the quickest solution I've found to manage my freelance efforts.

I especially like the simplicity of their templates - I can get an invoice generated in less than 5 minutes.

If you're beginning to dabble with freelance work and don't want to spend much time on the logistics, give Bonsai a try.

5/ Hypefury

I've studied 15+ Twitter creators to understand what works best for growth and monetization. To nail your role as a Twitter content creator, you'll want to:

  • Track analytics

  • Schedule Tweets daily

  • Schedule threads weekly

  • Engage with other accounts

  • Find inspiration from past media

  • Auto-plug your product, service, or newsletter

Hypefury allows me to do all of this (and quite a bit more).

It's the #1 tool for Twitter content management. I also use it to manage ghostwriting services for my client accounts.

Try it out free, forever. If you choose to get more serious about scheduling Twitter content, you can upgrade anytime.

When used correctly, these 5 tools will make you a more productive web3 creator.

It's a rewarding journey.


That's all for today! 5 essential tools for every crypto-native creator.

See you next week.

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